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Jennifer Matt

Jennifer Matt is currently an independent consultant focusing on the intricacies of print enabled eCommerce (web to print). She has spent the last 16 years working exclusively on web to print technology solutions, starting with a joint venture between Adobe and Kinko’s in the early 90’s and most recently as the President of NowDocs.

Her experience ranges from deep technical understanding to executive leadership and business development in this unique aspect of the print industry. With the in depth experience of six unique approaches to web to print technology and the competitive knowledge of all the players in this space, Jennifer brings a truly unique strategic perspective as an independent consultant.

In March 2010, Jennifer published the white paper, Insider Perspective: 10 Web to Print Mistakes to Avoid with, the leading print industry news organization. This paper is currently available on the online store. The report summarizes the common missteps witnessed first hand in virtually hundreds of web to print projects for printers of all types and sizes. Jennifer is a sought after speaker on all aspects print enabled ecommerce.

As an independent consultant, Jennifer can provide value to a wide audience because she understands the print business from the trenches (six years in the field at Kinko’s), go-to-market strategies (channel, direct, Internet), the Internet software (16 years working on web technologies), and the web to print space (six different technologies that have competed with virtually every player in the space).

Jennifer’s greatest strengths are strategy and differentiation coupled with the ability to communicate and inspire across all levels of organizations. Every technology that Jennifer has been associated with has been transformed during her tenure. Her ability to see the big picture results in strategic decisions that avoid common pitfalls of Internet software and positions each solution according to it’s inherent strengths in the marketplace.

In 2009, Jennifer was elected to the board of directors of EDSf (Electronic Document Scholarship Fund) where she actively promotes opportunities in the print industry. Jennifer holds two bachelors degrees from University of California, Santa Barbara and an MBA from University of San Francisco. She lives in San Francisco, California where she is an active member of the Internet technology community.

In July 2010, Jennifer launched a new print industry blog at where she covers all the topics pertinent to web-enabling the print industry.

Jennifer utilizes this unique background in her consulting process – matching up the best technologies to the well-defined challenges of print on demand, secure printing, intellectual property protection and printing, etc… Jennifer is currently consulting with some of the largest print providers in the space as well as the top technology providers. She is recognized as a top expert in the field of print enabled ecommerce.

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